At last the long awaited album "Equality for lemons" has been released to the public. This is a ground breaking release by Excuse Myewah, with excellent production and an extremely entertaining collection of songs. Credit must be given to guest artists Phil Gladstone on added guitar on two of the tracks and Dan Crompton (Flute, and Trombone) on 4 tracks.

Often there are a lot of heavy words thrown about when people describe the lyrical content of Excuse Myewah, but this is probably one of their most accessible albums from a content point of view. The songs are almost pure pop and bear only a small resemblance to the more cryptic style of previous albums.

An eighth album is currently in process and can be expected to be released some time in the future. As per normal with Excuse Myewah, it's anyone's guess what the finished item will be like.

The easiest hardest thing



Scam man



Excuse Myewah has two permanent members and regularly includes some guest artists playing on the albums. Full details can be found on the about us page.

Excuse Myewah can also be found on Facebook, MySpace, LastFM, and Grooveshark. Also further developments include the band being on KIAC radio in Kansas, and TV channel four's radio channel "Slash Radio".


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