Barry Stuart-Clarke

Barry has been writing songs since the age of fourteen. He started as a drummer with bands such as, ROCABOA, and STONEBRIDGE PARK, then moved onto bass guitar in bands such as MUNCH, and B-MOVIE, played conventional electric guitar and keyboard in THE ARTICLES and DEFEX, then finally founded the current band EXCUSE MYEWAH. The main vocalist and songwriter, his favourite musical things are his two Shergold guitars and his favourite battered Shure SM58 Microphone. He can be found under a variety of other names and pseudonyms on the internet such as Professor Printout etc., and has been guest artist playing untold instruments and vocals on other artists works.


Jean Paul Lebaigue

Jean Paul joined recently to assist with the new album. His expertise in production and guitar playing adds a new twist to the Excuse Myewah story. He has appeared in the band TWO STRANGERS and forged a career as a session musician in the past.



Once upon a time when women were women and men were boys, there existed a band called "Defex". They made strange noises and were known for occasionally putting those noises down on tape. Early on there were a variety of members, but some soon left to become human beings.

Although now renamed "Excuse Myewah" they still remain and continue to push the boundaries of pop music until it becomes all floppy and can be shaped into flowerpots.


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